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spirit lives…on…



lived amongst us

inspiring minds

opening hearts



left us


his inspiration


loving heart




we must keep HIS vision alive




December 6, 2013 at 5:57 pm 15 comments

for Belinda


dueling swords above



protecting those who seek hope



Zorro strikes at dusk



can you see the Z?

Lily Lake in Lakemoor, IL

This picture was taken in my neighborhood.  Lily Lake is not very large, but when the sun settles in at night, I am never disappointed with her performance!  Every drive by requires a ‘stop by’, and every ‘stop by’ requires a snapshot or two or three… 

I hope you enjoy the view Belinda!

August 29, 2013 at 2:24 pm 12 comments

last night

i was walking the princess

while staring above,

at a sky full of clouds –

very murky and glum.

i kept looking for a sparkle,

a shimmer of light;

a star i could wish upon

with all of my might.


the stars had other plans –

stole the night off;

the clouds took center stage

as they started their dance.

as i looked up at the sky,

my mind began to twirl

through the millennia of events

that have taken place in the world.

i realized the sky, the stars


heavens above

have always bore witness –

watched over us with love.


no matter the beauty

or sadness endured,

the heavens are forgiving –

we can be always assured —–

that the sun will shine bright,

the clouds will dance waltzes


the stars will twinkle

their bountiful light.

as the end of our walk was nearly in sight,

i noticed a star peering through –

shining bright.

i quickly made a wish

with all of my might –

that peace, love and hope

would blanket over the night.

an after thought –

it never ceases to amaze me

that the stars i admire,

are the same as the ones

i wished upon as a child.


April 17, 2013 at 2:25 am 23 comments

make it so…

one day i will
wake up,
feel free –
until then
i will try and make it so.
one day i will
know where i am going –
until then
i will try and make it so..
one day i will
shed the mask –
until then
i will try and make it so…
one day i will
like what i see in the mirror –
until then
i will try and make it so….
one day i will
see hope inside –
until then
i will try and make it so…..
one day i will
trust again –
until then
i will try and make it so……
one day i will
love the person that i am –
until then
i will try and make it so……

March 24, 2013 at 12:51 am 12 comments

in the middle

time comes, times goes

in the middle

we exist

life begins, life ends

all the while

life is lived

children are born, become adults

leave the nest

find their way

dreams are made, dreams are broken

always new visions

taking their place

hearts are healed, hearts are hurt

lots of sadness

amidst pain endured

love is found, love is lost

we keep searching

no matter the cost

sun goes up, sun goes down

– everyday –

our planet spins around and around

– in conclusion –

i wake up, go to sleep

do what i can

to be a better me

March 21, 2013 at 7:52 pm 13 comments

a quote

I was going through my book of inspirational things and such, when I found what could be the most profound quote ever

“Convert my love into a soothing pain eraser”

by JTR

This quote was told to me by a very young gentleman one day when I was having a particularly bad moment – the kind that you never want your child to see, but unfortunately they witness – this was that moment.   As I was trying so hard to keep it together, a small voice in the back seat of the car said to me –  “Mommy, it will be okay.  Convert my love into a soothing pain eraser.”

My son Jordan has always had an amazing way with words.  Sometimes Peyton and I look at each other wondering exactly what planet did he come from? Well, I am pleased and very proud to say that this young man is my son and Peyton & Sydnee Pee’s big brother. 

I will say, however, that even the keeper of the soothing pain eraser needs one himself……………

a long drive home after saying goodbye

a long drive home after saying a final goodbye to our friend March 24, 2012

March 13, 2013 at 1:51 am 11 comments

monday morning motivation


Monday Morning Motivational Moment

by Sydnee


It is a new day,

start of a new week –

Let’s go out there and put our best PAW forward!!

furry paw








take it one PAW at a time!

the paw

the paw

March 4, 2013 at 4:19 pm 5 comments

a dialogue


the Saks girl


mirror, mirror on the wall –
why do i see
nothing –
nothing at all?
the mirror says
of course you do –
you see you –
this is what you see
when you
are looking
back at me.
but no –
i see nothing
but a piece of glass
with smudges & dust
looking back at me.
but yes –
says the mirror –
you must open
your eyes
& see
the face
of a person
who is trying
but no –
i cannot see this person
who wants to be seen;
who needs to
break away
from this life –
to be set
but yes –
says the mirror –
you must first
open your heart
if you are unable to see
this person
wants –
to be set
but how –
please tell me
what i must do
to undertake
a task?
i do
understand –
i am
the mirror reflected
on what it should say:
the answer my friend
can only be seen
in the soul
of the person
who is standing
in front of me.

March 3, 2013 at 5:50 pm 11 comments

a fleck of sand

i have been thinking about
wishes and dreams
that i have.
are they doable,
are they possible,
will they ever come to pass?
when i contemplated these questions
only one thought came to mind - 

a tiny fleck of sand

how could this be?
either a wish or a dream?
so small and worthless,
no purpose,
no life,
it's a teensy little thing -

this fleck of sand

i figured there must be some significance,
something here that i cannot see - 
i must dig deeper,
much further
in order to find 
why a tiny fleck of sand
has invaded my mind.


i sat back in my chair
turned my imagination on
to find some sort of meaning
to this teensy tiny thing.

what first came to mind
was an ocean so big
then cacti and tumbleweed
in a desert so dry.
there were beaches and dunes,
dry air and lizards,
seashells and salt air
with gulls flying high.

after sitting and searching
for what seemed a very long time,
i felt defeated and sad
about this

 tiny fleck of sand


it hit me
like lightning 
probably in front of me
all along 

this tiny fleck of sand
represents one thought
amongst many.
no boundaries,
no limits. 
they are there
for the choosing - 
we only need to open our eyes to see.

each person
is part of something
more than just one,
dreams and wishes
can be found everywhere
there is never just one,

forever and ever

for us all.

so many places to gobut where?

so many places to go
but where?


February 21, 2013 at 4:04 pm 6 comments

the Other

She arrives unannounced
from her place in the dark - 
stares me straight in the eyes
with both hands grabs my mind,
pulls me close
and whispers--
I've got you - You are mine.

She is hard to resist.
I am powerless in her grasp.
She is tantalizing and teases,
I can't speak, I just gasp.
I need air, I need strength - 
I am losing this fight
her power consumes me,
swallows me whole,
as I need to keep her from destroying me
and obliterating my light.

She upsets those I love,
scares them away,
makes them cry
and all I can do is watch
helpless to try.


A hand reaches out
from nowhere, it seems
pulls me close,
leads me onward
and helps me to see - 
through the darkness and illusion
what is truth - 
what to believe
till I am released from the chains - 
I am renewed - I am free

You may ask who is she
this demon who rules,
who wreaks havoc
brings sadness, pain
and despair - so cruel.

She is me.
I am her.
We are one and the same.
But I am stronger,
more passionate
about life and those I love.
She coexists with my psyche,
but define me - 


February 21, 2013 at 12:18 am 7 comments

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