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Weekly Pet Share – Have tuggy, Let’s walkie…


A scene from the life of Pee…


i am ready

“I am coming Mommy…”



“Hurry up Peyton…I have gots to go make …”


let's go

“I have my tuggy and I am ready to go!”




June 2, 2015 at 11:49 am 14 comments

a chance meeting

their world has been touched

sprawling humans from afar

surprise encounters

four legs cross paths with two* legs

dangers of coexistence


*two can be four or, in Sydnee’s case, three legs

Quite simply, there is a coyote in my neighborhood.  (My neighborhood borders a farm with no fencing) I have had my suspicions – seeing a long four-legged ‘something’ walking at night without a leash or owner about.  Last night, my suspicions came true.  Face to face.  Fortunately, I saw him/her in the lamplight.  I stopped, he/she stopped.  I stood still, he/she stood still.  (Sydnee was oblivious – sniffing grass was way more interesting.)  I then proceeded to yank Syd’s leash once and walked quickly in the opposite direction.  Our new neighbor did the same, in our direction, but kept its distance.  We did not run because I did not want to startle the coyote and, chances are, Sydnee’s fierce stubbornness would kick in and she would instantly come to a halt.

So, I have come to the conclusion that I must change our walk route at night and early morning.  Away from the woods and the field, which then leaves us in the neighborhood, which then means too many distractions for Sydnee Pee, which then means our walks will take twice as long 🙂  It is okay.  I am all for coexistence!

December 4, 2013 at 2:47 pm 7 comments

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