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Weekly Photo Challenge – Floating





Southern Illinois University – the lake on campus




 I have lots of photographs which reveal moments of floating, whether it be literally or figuratively.  I have many photographs of clouds in the sky.  I am always taking them – wanting to capture the ‘never to be seen moment again’ moment.   The photo I chose for this week takes both the literal and figurative into account, as well as the absurd and sadness which has, unfortunately become a common site in today’s society and our bodies of water.

Jordan took this photo last year, as a result of a class assignment.  He snapped a few wide angled shots which revealed more of the area around the bottle and this one, which was used for a film.  Water was the assigned topic and I suppose, you can figure out the ‘angle’ in which the film explored this very wet topic. {By the way, the shadows under the water are little fish.}




April 11, 2015 at 3:05 pm 2 comments

Depression’s Dance – A Book Review

I have recently had the honor of reading a book from a very special author, of whom I admire greatly.  Here is my review…



Quite simply a choreographer is someone who combines movement to create dance.  A good choreographer has the ability to combine movement and music to create a special moment.  A ‘brilliant’ choreographer can propel that moment much further and transport the audience into another place that is real and inspired.  Depression’s Dance is one such piece.

 Depression in and of itself is a choreographer.  It dictates the composition; tells the mind – the dancer – how to feel, what to do.  HastyWords has an intimate knowledge of this dance and has created her own composition, which propels the reader into the heart and soul of its choreographer.   Her writing is without pretense – full of heart and emotion.  She displays courage and a spirit which inspires the reader to embrace her journey.

As a ‘dancer and choreographer’, I believe this book is a valuable resource to anyone who maybe in need of words of inspired hope and understanding.  As a reader, I highly recommend Depression’s Dance.  It is a lovely composition of feelings, words and photographs written by a very talented poetess – HastyWords.

Here is the link to Hasty’s WordPress site:

February 3, 2014 at 3:38 pm 8 comments

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