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a heart

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heart 1



still lives

in the hearts

that are still


April 2, 2013 at 8:04 pm 19 comments

the Other

She arrives unannounced
from her place in the dark - 
stares me straight in the eyes
with both hands grabs my mind,
pulls me close
and whispers--
I've got you - You are mine.

She is hard to resist.
I am powerless in her grasp.
She is tantalizing and teases,
I can't speak, I just gasp.
I need air, I need strength - 
I am losing this fight
her power consumes me,
swallows me whole,
as I need to keep her from destroying me
and obliterating my light.

She upsets those I love,
scares them away,
makes them cry
and all I can do is watch
helpless to try.


A hand reaches out
from nowhere, it seems
pulls me close,
leads me onward
and helps me to see - 
through the darkness and illusion
what is truth - 
what to believe
till I am released from the chains - 
I am renewed - I am free

You may ask who is she
this demon who rules,
who wreaks havoc
brings sadness, pain
and despair - so cruel.

She is me.
I am her.
We are one and the same.
But I am stronger,
more passionate
about life and those I love.
She coexists with my psyche,
but define me - 


February 21, 2013 at 12:18 am 7 comments

a question once asked

I once asked you a question,
with a blank stare you looked at me
and answered quite simply
I'm tired,
I want to finally find some peace.

I knew what you meant;
what was expected of me,
make a choice to hold on
or let you go - set you free.

I stepped out into the hall
and silently screamed. 
I would trade places if possible,
but it could never be.

My sadness turned to anger -
why would you choose to go away;
hand me this burden so heavy
as deciding one's fate?

I knew your life had been a struggle,
carved of fear and so many tears;
never asking for help,
never wanting me near.

Now I stood by your bedside
held your hand,
looked into your eyes - 
asked you a question
What do I do - 
how can I decide?

With a voice like a whimper
and a touch so frail,
you assured me
it was okay
to let go - 
to send you away.

Often times
I  reflect on the choice that I made,
almost 9 years have passed
though it feels more like days;
when I made the decision to set you free;
let you go
on your journey 
to finally rest - 
be in peace.

To my mom - 

Ida Marie
born 2/23/1944
died 12/11/2004

February 20, 2013 at 3:12 am 10 comments

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